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Department of Power System & Control

IPSC - Research projects

Statutory research

According to the main research area of the Institute, the following statutory research has been realized:

Selected Problems of Electric Power Engineering

The investigations aim at search for solution of the selected power system problems and were realized within the following tasks:

Optimization of solutions in the restructured power industry
  1. Distributed energy
  2. Scenario analyses of the national power system in the perspective of year 2025
  3. The use of phase shifters to control the active power flow of cross-border connections of the NPS
  4. Maximization of the thermal transmission capability of the overhead lines
Rationalization of high voltage isolation systems and power system current lines
Identification of states and automation of power systems
  1. Selected items of reliability in the local electric power subsystems
  2. Effect of low-and high-frequency electromagnetic and electric fields on living organisms
  3. Operation of power system automation in the networks with high density of distributed energy sources
  4. The ability to distinguish between short-circuit conditions and load limit in high voltage overhead

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Significant scientific and research projects

Scientific research performed in IPSC is concentrated mostly on projects financed by Polish government as well as on international grants.

National grants

  • Estimation of ferroresonance chaos in transformers influence on electric power system operating conditions (PB-8T10B 02814 - 1997-1998)
  • Adaptive preventive-restoration control of power systems (PB-8T10B 04713 - 1997-1999)
  • Optimization of the structures of the 110 kV and lower voltages control systems (PB-8T10B 07315 - 1998-2000)
  • Investigation of the reliability control management conditions for exploitation optimization of electric power systems operation (PB-8T10B 03319 - 1999-2000)
  • Complex digital protection of the generator-transformer unit (8T10B 03496C/3325 - 1997-1999)
  • Development of the power system model as a control object in the new organizational power system structure, market conditions and co-operation with UCTE system. (PBZ-09-03)

International grants

  • Application of ANN Structures for Power System Protection & Identification (Polish-British Joint Research Collaboration Programme – partner: University of Edinburgh)
  • Eyaluation of the Non-Linear Effect on the Trayelling Waye in Power Systems (Polish-Japanese contract R89 - partner: University of Tokyo)